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Jan 6, 2015

Global Forces At Work

Global yields have started the new year lower, as the yield of the S&P Global Developed Sovereign Bond Index was  1.05% as of Jan. 5, 2015.  The index did touch a low of 0.94% at the end of November before bouncing up to close 2014 at 1.08%.  Looking back 10 years, the yield was as…


Sep 2, 2014

Less Risk Meant Higher Returns for August

In August the yield of the S&P/BGCantor Current 10 Year U.S. Treasury Index dropped by 23 basis points from 2.56% to 2.33% where it closed out the month.  Holding the 10-year alone returned 2.19% for the month and has returned 8.42% year-to-date on a total rate of return basis. TIPS or Treasury Inflation Protection Securities…


Aug 25, 2014

In Preferred Index, High Yield Is Heavier But Investment Grade Outperforms

Preferred securities as measured by the S&P U.S. Preferred Stock Index have returned 12.08% year-to-date.  The performance of this index has outpaced both the S&P U.S. Issued Investment Grade Corporate Bond Index (6.49%YTD) and the S&P U.S. Issued High Yield Corporate Bond Index (5.5% YTD). The recent development of three new sub-indices to the S&P…


Aug 18, 2014

A Renewed Interest in High Yield Bonds

High Yield Bond Market – Outlook has changed to the positive, away from the recent stories of overvaluation and fund withdrawals. The S&P U.S. Issued High Yield Corporate Bond Index returned 1% last week and a 0.43% the week before to recover the loss incurred the last week of July (-1.38%).  Year-to-date the index is…


Jul 21, 2014

Treasury Curve Flattening Helps Long Duration; Investment Grade Bonds Continue to Perform

Last week’s performance saw the overall Treasury market as measured by the S&P/BGCantor US Treasury Bond Index return 0.03% and is now at 2.08% for the year.  Yields moved lower as the yield-to-worst of the S&P/BGCantor Current 10 Year U.S. Treasury Bond Index is now at a 2.49% which brings it back down to level…


Jul 14, 2014

High Yield Gives Up Ground To Investment Grade

After having risen 19 basis points the first week of July, the yield on the S&P/BGCantor Current 10 Year U.S. Treasury Bond Index dropped 20 basis points from the July 3rd 2.72% to its current 2.52%, offsetting the initial increase.  The move up in yield to start July was the largest weekly jump since last…


Jul 10, 2014

How Did The Chinese Bonds Perform in 1H 2014?

As the Chinese bond market rapidly expands, reaching almost CNY 30 trillion, it has gained an increasing amount of attention from global investors.  Tracked by the S&P China Bond Index, the total return of the CNY-denominated bonds rose 5.7% in the 1H of 2014. While the risk of default put downward pressure to the Chinese corporates…


Jun 23, 2014

Back When I Was A Kid…

On my daily commute to New York City via New Jersey Transit today I overheard a conversation on the train that started with “Back when I was a kid”.  Though the start of the conversation had grabbed my attention, the rest became a blur as the statement had triggered memories that related to the current…


Feb 10, 2014

The U.S. Congress and Investors Await Janet Yellen Comments

The S&P/BGCantor U.S. Treasury Bond Index finished last week slightly down -0.02% after the market traded up at the end of the week in reaction to the Nonfarm Payroll number. This January indicator of employees on business payrolls (113k) disappointed expectation of 180k giving bond prices an upward push after three days of declines. Treasuries…


Feb 3, 2014

Treasury yields remain lower for the start of 2014

Counter to the thinking that tapering would drive yields higher; Treasury yields have remained lower for the start of 2014.  Additional collateral needs to meet regulatory requirements; risk-off trading and economic uncertainty in emerging market countries such as Turkey have temporarily kept rates lower than the start of the year.  It remains to be seen…


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