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Nov 13, 2017

Asian Fixed Income: China Was the Worst-Performing Country in the Pan Asian Bond Market

China’s lackluster performance has made it the worst-performing country in the Pan Asian bond market this year.  While China has been among the top three outperforming regions in the past few years, it has significantly lagged its peers in 2017.  Indonesia, as represented by the S&P Indonesia Bond Index, rose 12.6% YTD as of Nov….


Aug 30, 2017

Asian Fixed Income: Two Growth Segments in China’s Bond Market

China’s bond market continued to expand in 2017.  The local currency bond market, as tracked by the S&P China Bond Index, grew over 19% in the past year.  As of June 30, 2017, the S&P China Bond Index tracked 9,342 bonds with a market value of CNY 51 billion.  Two segments that recorded robust growth…


Apr 9, 2015

China Bond Defaults and Indexing the China Bond Market

The corporate bond default of Cloud Live Technology Group this week may be a bellwether moment for the Chinese bond markets.  So far, Beijing is allowing the default and not stepping in with a bailout of any kind, and that may be a signal the markets.  The recent Wall Street Journal article China Defaults Test…


Jul 10, 2014

How Did The Chinese Bonds Perform in 1H 2014?

As the Chinese bond market rapidly expands, reaching almost CNY 30 trillion, it has gained an increasing amount of attention from global investors.  Tracked by the S&P China Bond Index, the total return of the CNY-denominated bonds rose 5.7% in the 1H of 2014. While the risk of default put downward pressure to the Chinese corporates…


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