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May 31, 2022

29 Years of VIX

In 1993, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (Cboe) announced the launch of the Cboe Market Volatility Index or VIX®, which provides market participants with a barometer to measure market sentiment. Since then, the index has become one of the most followed benchmarks. In commemoration for its 29th anniversary, we take a look at the evolution…


Jul 27, 2021

A Hypothetical Look at 35 Years of Indexes that “Buy” SPX Options

35 Years of Hedging Indices Below are three Cboe S&P benchmark indices that theoretically “buy “SPX put options as part of their index methodology and have 35 years of back-tested performance history going back to June 30, 1986.  As shown below, the three options indices were introduced in either 2008 or 2015, and the data…


Jul 26, 2021

A Hypothetical Look at 35 Years with Indices That Use SPX Index Options

Four Option Benchmark Indices In order to assess how hypothetical options strategies performed in various market regimes over the past 35 years, investors use some or all of these four key benchmark indices that sell S&P 500 options as part of the their index methodology and that have histories going back to June 30, 1986….


Dec 27, 2018

New All-Time Record – Open Interest for Cboe S&P 500 Options Surpasses 21 Million Contracts

While many investors are concerned about the fact that benchmark indexes for major investment classes are down year-to date, more investors are using S&P 500® options for goals related to risk management and income enhancement. On December 20 open interest for Cboe S&P 500 (SPX(SM) and SPXW) options surpassed 21 million for the first time…


Mar 9, 2018

A new volatility regime? VIX® don’t think so!

Global equity markets experienced a challenging February.  A U.S.-led selloff triggered a spike in volatility; the Cboe Volatility Index (VIX) recorded its largest ever daily increase on February 5 to reach its highest level since August 2015. But is higher volatility here to stay? Towards the end of last year, we published a paper –…


Mar 20, 2015

A VIX for the Energy Sector

As oil prices have fallen, many investors with exposure to energy companies have wisely kept an eye on VIX. But there is another volatility benchmark – one more suited to energy equity investments – which investors should also watch carefully: VXXLE. VXXLE is the ticker for the CBOE Energy Sector ETF Volatility Index. This index has same…


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