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Dec 5, 2018

Brexit: Sell on May and Run Away?

29 months after the referendum that triggered Britain’s departure from the E.U., and a little over four months from the scheduled departure date, the nature of the ultimate exit deal (if any) remains uncertain. What can indices tell us about the market’s reaction and expectations? The volatility of the pound sterling has offered a direct link to the uncertainty…


Mar 1, 2018

Where May Equities Go From Here?

February ended the longest historical monthly winning streak of 15 months for the S&P 500 (TR) that lost 3.7%.  On a total return basis for the month, 10 of 11 sectors lost, which has only happened in 12 of 342 months or 3.5% of the time (all 11 lost together in 13 months for a…


Dec 22, 2015

The Rieger Report: Junk Bond Risk Realized as Credit Spreads Jump

The relentless drive for yield has caught up with U.S. high yield bond investors.  Junk bond holders have been beaten up by the one risk they did not want to see:  credit spreads widening.  High yield bonds have seen compressed yields for some time as the relentless drive for yield had shifted flows toward yield producing…


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