A Closer Look at SPIVA® India Mid-Year 2015

The SPIVA India Scorecard reports on the performance of actively managed Indian mutual funds compared with their respective benchmark indices over one-, three-, and five-year investment horizons.  With the SPIVA India Mid-Year 2015 Scorecard, we have also introduced asset-weighted fund returns and the quartile breakpoints of fund performance.

The latest scorecard has revealed that the majority of Indian equity large-cap funds outperformed the S&P BSE 100 over the past one-year period ending June 30, 2015.  In contrast, over the three- and five-year periods, they lagged the benchmark.  The excess returns of this peer group also diminished as the observation period was expanded (see Exhibit 1).

SPIVA EX1. 2015

From the quartile breakpoints of the fund performance, it was observed that there was a wide dispersion over the one-year period, which declined as the observation period was expanded (see Exhibit 2).

SPIVA EX2. 2015

For details on other categories, please read the full report.

For SPIVA® India Mid-Year 2015 Info-graphic, please click here.

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