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Oct 27, 2015

How Did European Active Managers Perform Over the Past 10 Years?

Like in recent years, Greece has yet again dominated the European headlines for most of this year.  Contagion effects have been somewhat contained, thanks to a more solid European economy and financial system.  Nevertheless, the market has experienced bouts of heightened volatility, especially in June 2015 when the Greek authorities decided to shut their banks…


Jul 10, 2015

Forget China: A Little Greece Goes A Long Way

According to CNN Money, China’s stock market just lost about $3.25 trillion. That is the equivalent of more than the size of France’s entire stock market, about 60% of Japan’s market, and twice the size of India’s stock market. Despite the seemingly large size, the Chinese stock market still plays a surprisingly small role in China. According to…


Jul 8, 2015

Commodity Indices Can Outsmart Another 45% Oil Drop

Many key factors are currently driving oil down and the bloodshed might not be over. As mentioned in a recent CNBC interview, from current levels, the S&P GSCI Crude Oil Total Return could drop another 45% before surpassing energy’s worst historical loss of 78.4% that happened in 2008-2009. The headwinds of the strong dollar from the Greek crisis,…


Jul 7, 2015

Greece And The ECB: What Precedent Will Be Set For The Eurozone?

Greece has voted “no” to a referendum on further austerity measures proposed by the ECB. Greek PM Tsipras wanted this result, in order to gain more bargaining power with creditors. The ECB reacted accordingly, and placed steeper haircuts on collateral for emergency funding.   This puts additional pressure on a banking system that is already in…


Jun 30, 2015

Greece: Will They Pay Or Will They Go Now?

All eyes are on Greece today, as government leaders indicated they will not be making the much awaited €1.7 Billion payment to the IMF.  This comes after banks have been shut, strict capital controls have been set, and after Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services further downgraded Greek debt to CCC- , with a negative outlook….


Jun 25, 2015

Greek Fatigue

Greece’s financial problems have dominated headlines in the past week.  Here, e.g., are some excerpts from The Wall Street Journal: Saturday 20 June.  “U.S. stocks ended  lower Friday… worries over Greece sent investors piling into ultrasafe Treasury bonds….” Tuesday 23 June.  “U.S. stocks advanced Monday…lifted by gains in health-care and financial shares as well as…


Jun 22, 2015

Uncertainty In Greece Causing Real Concern In European Government Bond Markets

Uncertainty is a four letter word in bond markets and can lead to significant volatility.  The Greek debt dilemma is becoming more and more dire each day.  European government bond markets are reacting with some significant swings.  Germany and the IMF offered Greece a deal last week that would require strict adherence to austerity reforms,…


Jun 11, 2015

European Government Bond Markets Absorb a Lot of Market Info in the First Week of June

European bonds markets had a lot to take in last week.  For the most part, they all responded with a downward price reaction regardless of risk profile, with the exception of Greece.  The ECB left monetary policy unchanged.  Eurozone inflation for May climbed to 0.3%, indicating that QE is having the desired effect.  Greece chose…


Jun 2, 2015

Will Greece Default, And Does It Matter?

Once again, Europe’s banking and finance chiefs are hunkered around the negotiating table. The Greek prime minister is optimistic a deal can be reached, the German finance minister dismissive. A debt payment is due; it is two minutes to midnight.  The markets are hanging by a thread on the outcome. Writing the news is getting…


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