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Eduardo Olazabal

Senior Analyst, Global Equity Indices, S&P Dow Jones Indices

Eduardo Olazabal is Senior Analyst, Global Equity Indices at S&P Dow Jones Indices (S&P DJI) in the Product Management group. Eduardo is a product manager for the global equity, real estate, and Islamic indices, including the S&P/ASX and S&P/TSX series.
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Oct 19, 2022

Islamic Benchmarks Continued to Fall in Q3, in Line with Conventional Indices

Global equities dropped 6.6% in Q3 2022, as measured by the S&P Global BMI, accumulating a loss of 25.6% YTD. Meanwhile, Shariah compliant benchmarks, including the S&P Global BMI Shariah and Dow Jones Islamic Market (DJIM) World Index, managed to outperform their conventional counterparts by 0.6%. Overall, regional broad-based Shariah and conventional equity benchmarks accumulated…


May 19, 2022

Hedging Inflation with the S&P/BMV IPC

Inflation in Mexico has reached levels not seen in over 20 years, as the S&P/BMV IPC has receded from its all-time high reached earlier this year (see Exhibit 1). In this environment, market participants may question how inflation may affect index performance and the effectiveness of equity allocations as a hedge against it. First, let’s…


Jan 18, 2022

Increasing Diversification of the Australian Equity Market

Equity markets have changed considerably over the past 10 years, reflecting the growth of stocks and sectors in each market. While this growth has led to increased concentration in most of the world’s largest equity markets, Australia is a notable exception, as diversification has improved both in terms of stock concentration and along sector lines….


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