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Jan 24, 2019

Communication Services Is Getting Louder

Since the sector shakeup on Sep. 24, 2018,  the S&P 500 fell 19.5% through the close of Dec. 24, 2018 then rebounded 12.2% by the close of  Jan. 23, 2019 for a loss of 9.6% in the full period.  The annualized volatility of 22.8% in the past 82 days has been the highest since the 82…


Dec 20, 2015

The Rieger Report: Apple Inc.: Stock & Bonds Move on Different Tracks

We all know stocks and bonds are rarely correlated.  The recent steep decline in the price of Apple Inc. stock illustrates this vividly.  Since the end of November the price of Apple Inc. stock has fallen by over 10%.  Apple has also become one of the larger U.S. corporate bond issuers.  Those bonds have barely moved…


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