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Jan 25, 2024

Financial Planning Using Indices: From Taxes to Factors

How are advisors putting SPIVA data and factors to work as they build long-term plans to help clients achieve objectives? Delta Wealth Advisors’ Dino Efthimiou and Niko Finnigan join S&P DJI’s Brent Kopp for a practical look at the importance of tax management and the role of indexing in building a comprehensive plan for clients….


May 26, 2020

Outcome-Oriented Solutions: Where Active and Passive Meet

What do presidential debates and an argument between passive and active investors have in common? They are both thrilling, demand the highest levels of rhetorical skills, don’t change audience opinions, and everyone goes home entertained. While presidential debates remain as exciting as ever, the shrillness of conversation between active and passive investors seems to have…


Oct 25, 2016

Are You Looking for Outperforming Funds?

When one is paying management fees for the investment in active funds, one might reasonably expect the funds to outperform benchmarks and resist downturn when the market is volatile.  However, results from our S&P Indices Versus Active (SPIVA®) Scorecards[1] suggest this expectation is often not met.  SPIVA reports across different regions, including the U.S., Canada,…


Dec 7, 2015

Survivorship Bias

This morning’s Wall Street Journal interviews Peter Lynch, the legendary and erstwhile manager of the Fidelity Magellan Fund, who, unsurprisingly, turns out to be an advocate of active equity management.  “People accept that active managers can’t beat the market and it’s just not true,” says Mr. Lynch, who certainly did beat the market in his day. In…


Apr 23, 2015

SPIVA® Interpretation and Misinterpretation

I’ve been a long-time SPIVA® fan. The first report was published about 13 years ago and it quickly became my go-to active management scorecard. No firm was comparing active manager performance to index benchmarks regularly. Advisers had to crunch data themselves to see the trends. SPIVA came to the rescue by doing the heaving lifting,…


Mar 31, 2015

What is SPIVA®?

SPIVA Scorecards are issued every six months in a number of markets around the globe.  But what is SPIVA?  Where does the data used to generate the scorecards come from and who does it apply to?  In a recent video interview, I spoke with one of the Scorecard’s authors, Aye Soe, Senior Director of Global…


Oct 21, 2014

Active vs. Passive: How to keep score of the ongoing debate

At the heart of the active versus passive management debate lays the theoretical underpinning that the average return of both actively and passively managed assets must equal the aggregate market, thereby making it a zero-sum game. Since the costs of active management typically exceed those of passive management, the average actively managed dollar will underperform…


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