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Rick Ferri, CFA®

Author, Columnist and Managing Partner, Portfolio Solutions, LLC®

Author of six investment books, Richard (Rick) A. Ferri, CFA is a leading expert on low-cost index fund investing. Through his work as a researcher and investment manager, he continually monitors and evaluates the latest trends related to index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Rick utilizes his in-depth research about index fund investing strategies to direct the Investment Committee he heads at Portfolio Solutions, the low-fee investment management firm he founded in 1999. In addition, he shares his insights as a frequent news commentator, Forbes columnist, media contributor and public speaker.
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Jun 23, 2015

Active Funds Win Battles But Lose Wars

There have always been select actively managed funds that beat the cap-weighted indices market, and there always will be. But trying to find these funds before they outperform is exceedingly difficult, especially across multiple asset classes and styles. In addition, the outperformers may not pay well enough given the risk.  Active managers may claim victory…


Apr 23, 2015

SPIVA® Interpretation and Misinterpretation

I’ve been a long-time SPIVA® fan. The first report was published about 13 years ago and it quickly became my go-to active management scorecard. No firm was comparing active manager performance to index benchmarks regularly. Advisers had to crunch data themselves to see the trends. SPIVA came to the rescue by doing the heaving lifting,…


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