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Jun 1, 2020

Commodities Were Energetic in May

Bullish sentiment propelled the S&P GSCI higher by 16.4% in May, its best monthly performance in 11 years. The broad commodity index’s more than 50% exposure to energy was a key contributor to its performance. Energy led the way, with the WTI-based S&P GSCI Crude Oil up 55.0%, bouncing impressively off the lows in April….


Mar 13, 2020

No Gas Left in the Tank for Energy Equities

In our blog post from December 2019,[1] we highlighted the disparity seen last year between different sectors of the commodity futures and commodity equities markets. The second thing to watch highlighted the substantial 25% performance difference in 2019 between the S&P GSCI Energy and the S&P GSCI Equity Commodity Energy Index. However, so far in…


Aug 10, 2015

Energy Continues its Performance Drag on Bonds in August

Crude oil, as measured by the S&P GSCI All Crude was down 20% in July 2015 and has continued its sell-off in August 2015 by dropping another 6.86%.  As of Aug. 10, 2015, the index has returned -25.4% YTD.  Energy-related bonds in the investment-grade or high-yield indices have added a negative hit to the indices’…


Jan 9, 2015

Rebalance 2015: Handle-Side Or Blade-Side Down?

The 2015 rebalance for commodity indices may be remembered as the one trying to catch a falling knife.  Today, two significant events are happening in commodity indices: 1. The world production weighted S&P GSCI is entering its first year with Brent crude oil as the biggest commodity in the index, overtaking WTI. 2. The passive index…


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