Highlighting the S&P/BMV Index Series

The S&P/BMV Index Series combines the local market expertise of the Mexican Stock Exchange (the BMV) with the resources and reach of one of the most prominent independent global index providers, S&P Dow Jones Indices (S&P DJI). This productive collaboration officially began in May 2015 and adheres to international standards. The relationship also provides the opportunity to create new indices across different asset classes in the Mexican market.

The S&P/BMV Indices cover:

  • Equities: Mexico’s flagship index is the S&P/BMV IPC, with additional indices spanning across sectors, strategies, and sizes.
  • Fixed Income: Indices in this category range from tracking sovereign bonds to corporate bonds, offering different ratings based on maturities, coupon types, and currencies, as well as nominal and inflation-linked securities.
  • Volatility: The S&P/BMV IPC VIX is designed to measure the implied 90-day volatility of the Mexican stock market.
  • Multi-Asset: The S&P/BMV Mexico Target Risk Index Series comprises strategy indices that represent stock and bond allocations across a risk spectrum spanning from conservative to aggressive.

We are constantly designing new indices to serve as innovative and practical tools for local and global investors. To ensure the indices are replicable and investable, we incorporate feedback from market participants. Over the past four years, we have launched a complete suite of single-factor indices. More recently, we debuted the first multi-factor strategy, the S&P/BMV IPC Quality, Value & Growth Index. These indices could serve as the basis for financial products like ETFs, among others, to be incorporated into portfolio strategies.

In our commitment to ESG, S&P DJI has collaborated with the Consejo Consultivo de Finanzas Verdes (CCFV). This council aims to promote the financing of green projects and generate common sustainability standards for market practices in Mexico. Together, S&P DJI and the BMV selected SAM, a highly reputable Swiss investment specialist focused exclusively on sustainable investing, as the official score provider for the development of ESG-based S&P/BMV Indices.

In the ongoing global debate about active versus passive investment, S&P Dow Jones Indices has played a major role by publishing the SPIVA® and Persistence Scorecards for Latin America. These reports include historical performance measurements of actively managed equity mutual funds in Mexico compared with the S&P/BMV IPC[1] over different time horizons.

S&P Dow Jones Indices congratulates the BMV on its 125th anniversary. Our commitment to Mexico and the BMV is to continue working on new, innovative indices for the country’s markets.

For further information, visit our website: https://spdji.com/regional-exposure/americas/mexico.

[1] The reports measure the S&P/BMV IPC’s total return version, the S&P/BMV IRT.

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