Commodities Fall at the Start of Autumn

Hear the impact of the Syrian tension on oil and why the effect on copper might be different than in historical wars.

The S&P GSCI® and Dow Jones UBS Commodity Index both fell in September, returning -3.4% and -2.6%, respectively.

Some highlights from the S&P GSCI® include:

  • Energy: Despite losing 4.5% on the month, S&P GSCI Energy is up 3.8% for the year.
  • Precious Metals: The S&P GSCI Precious Metals was the weakest sector in September, returning -5.3%.
  • Agriculture: Grains were down 2.9% in September mainly due to corn’s 8.4% loss.

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Some highlights from the DJ-UBS Commodity Index include:

  • Industrial Metals: Industrial metals were up 1.6% for the month, with copper carrying the sector.
  • Energy: Among subindices in the energy sector, unleaded gasoline declined the furthest, down 7.9%.
  • Softs: With the exception of coffee, down 2.2%, all the commodities in the softs sector were positive in September.

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