Who’s complaining, who’s speculating, who’s hedging and who’s to blame?


Managing Commodities in Modern Times:
Hard-Won Lessons After 160 Years of Trial & Error

S&P Dow Jones Indices invites you to this half-day complimentary seminar which has become Europe’s annual meeting point for commodity aficionados for close to a decade.

Join us and other leading industry professionals for an afternoon of education and networking opportunities. Take a front row seat to walk away with valuable insights into current trends and issues under the umbrella of who’s complaining, who’s hedging, who’s speculating, who’s to blame and finally, where do I go?

Keynote Speaker: Hilary Till, Research Associate, EDHEC-Risk Institute, Principal, Premia Capital Management LLC., Co-Editor, Intelligent Commodity Investing

Our speakers will examine:

What causes spikes in commodity prices and how regulation is impacting commodity investment in modern market times


  • Perspectives on what the speculators are doing versus who are the hedgers, and why the lines might not be so clear
  • What incidental factors are tipping the market and the limitations for producers and consumers?
  • What’s driving the world’s demand economy today and where it might be heading
  • The latest techniques in managing commodity exposures in potentially uncertain times



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