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Apr 16, 2020

S&P and Dow Jones Islamic Indices Continue Outperformance in Q1 2020

Amid Losses, Shariah-Compliant Benchmarks Beat Conventional Counterparts by Substantial Margins Global equities fell 22.3% during Q1 2020, as measured by the S&P Global BMI, with COVID-19 taking center stage and cases growing worldwide. The S&P Global BMI Shariah—which fell 17.2%—markedly outperformed its conventional benchmark by more than 500 bps, marking its greatest quarterly outperformance since…


Jan 16, 2020

S&P and Dow Jones Islamic Benchmarks Finished 2019 with Standout Performance

Shariah-Compliant Benchmarks Continued to Outperform Conventional Indices Global S&P and Dow Jones Shariah-compliant benchmarks finished a standout 2019, a welcomed turnaround in comparison to the lackluster returns of the prior year. Broad-based Islamic indices outperformed their conventional counterparts in 2019 as Information Technology—which tends to be overweight in Islamic indices—led sector returns by significant margins,…


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