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Dec 7, 2022

How Indexing Works for Carbon Markets

How are innovative indices tracking compliance and voluntary carbon futures markets bringing greater transparency to the energy transition? S&P DJI’s Jim Wiederhold and KraneShares’ Luke Oliver discuss how first-to-market benchmarks are democratizing access to global carbon markets.


Jul 15, 2022

Compliance versus Voluntary Carbon Markets

After the launch of S&P GSCI Global Voluntary Carbon Liquidity Weighted, the first-to-market benchmark that seeks to track the current performance of global voluntary carbon futures markets, we thought it would be wise to go into further detail regarding the two main types of carbon commodity markets. These two markets are similar in that the…


Feb 24, 2022

Any Volunteers? Transparency in Voluntary Carbon Markets

The S&P GSCI Nature-Based Global Emissions Offsets and the S&P GSCI Global Emissions Offsets are the first two indices launched by S&P DJI that are based on voluntary carbon markets. The first compliance-based index, the S&P GSCI Carbon Emissions Allowances (EUA) was launched two years ago and tracks the EUA futures based on the European…


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