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John Davies

Former Managing Director, Global Head of Exchange Traded Products, S&P Dow Jones Indices

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Sep 1, 2016

Flying ETFs…a tenuous link

The month of August fills me full of joy every year as (a) it’s my birthday, (b) it’s the Summer in London (at least 1 week of Sun!) and (c) I don’t get on a plane to support our many ETF partners around the world. Aeronautically speaking though, August is a notable month – way…


Sep 6, 2013

Next Steps for India?

It could be said that the ETF business has been a 20 year “overnight” success. Since the introduction of the first ETF back in 1993, we have seen a global expansion across multiple Exchanges and a diverse product offering. As at the end of July 2013, there were 3,441 ETFs, with 7,792 listings, assets of…


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