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Jerry Miccolis

Principal and Chief Investment Officer , Giralda Advisors

Jerry Miccolis is a founding principal and chief investment officer of Giralda Advisors and is responsible for the strategic leadership and day-to-day management of the firm. The mission of Giralda Advisors is to advance the state of the art in investment management by providing sophisticated risk-managed investment advice and solutions to the wealth management community and its clients. Giralda Advisors was formed in 2012 as a Montage Investments company.
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Jan 11, 2016

Using Indexing Tools for Risk Management — Sophisticated Strategies from Basic Building Blocks

Advisors today share a problem new to the careers of all but the eldest of us. As I discussed in a recent webinar, at Giralda Advisors, we call it the Portfolio Problem — unique in the last 30 years and arguably the most significant issue facing financial planning professionals over the next several years, if…


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