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Sep 13, 2023

The Case for Timber

Timber is an essential resource and a genuine building block of human civilization. Its use in building construction and as a fuel source have made it integral to the functioning of our societies and world economy. On the flip side, our dependence on timber, combined with a lengthy regeneration time, means we are steadily using…


Feb 6, 2018

What a Portfolio Might Look Like After Adding a Pinch of Real Assets

In December 2015, S&P Dow Jones Indices launched the S&P Real Assets Index, the first index of its kind, which is designed to measure global property, infrastructure, commodities, and inflation-linked bonds, using liquid and investable component indices that track public equities, fixed income, and futures. The S&P Real Assets Index includes global infrastructure (35%), property…


Apr 28, 2017

Natural Resources, a Potential “Natural” Play on Higher Inflation Expectations

As the economy expands and inflation ticks up in the post-election world, fueled by a pledge by President Trump to increase fiscal spending with improvements to America’s crumbling infrastructure, market participants will have to keep in mind the negative effects of increasing prices.  They may want to consider hard-asset-related investments to help maintain the purchasing…


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