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Karan Sood

CEO & Managing Director, Head of Product Development, CBOE Vest

Karan has over a decade of experience in derivative based investment strategy, design and trading - working both in asset management and investment banking. Karan's prior work experience includes working at Barclays Capital. Last based in New York, he was responsible for using derivatives to design structured investment strategies and solutions for the firm’s institutional clients in the Americas. Prior to his role in New York, Karan worked in similar capacity in London with Barclays Capital’s European clients.
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Jan 7, 2019

Defensive “Buffer Protect” Option Strategies Can Help Investors Stay the Course

Equities have historically offered promising growth potential, but we have seen time and again how suddenly and severely the equity markets can be affected by events that are difficult to predict, and 2019 is not likely to be an exception. Losses can have a greater impact on portfolios than gains because the money remaining after…


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