Adam Butler

ReSolve Asset Management
As CEO of ReSolve Asset Management, Adam brings to bear 13 years of investment experience to direct almost $200 million of quantitative ETF Managed Portfolio solutions across more than a dozen global asset allocation mandates. A passionate writer and educator, Adam is an author of the book Adaptive Asset Allocation (Wiley 2016), and is lead author on ReSolve’s research blog, GestaltU, as well as seven research papers related to asset allocation, portfolio optimization, and distribution strategies. Adam has been a Portfolio Manager since 2007, and holds both CFA and CAIA charters.

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Multi-Factor Indexes: More Bang for Your Buck

Many advisors are unsure whether introducing factor-tilt ‘smart beta’ strategies into portfolios will improve client outcomes. In fact, some factor tilt portfolios appear to provide the equivalent of levered exposures to a diverse set of alternative risk premia. This is because factor tilt portfolios may contain much greater than 100% exposure to several risk factors Read more […]

Lessons From Canada’s Top Pension Managers

Summary Many studies have documented the fact that market participants in many regions, including Canada, invest more in the companies from their home country than would be warranted by their country’s share of global markets.  Three of Canada’s largest and most sophisticated pension funds have cut Canadian exposure in their equity allocations.  Yet private Canadian Read more […]

Two More Disruptive Ideas for Advisors

My last post summarized some of our notes from the recent S&P DJI ETF Masterclass conference in Toronto, on the topic “ETFs as a Catalyst for Canadian Advisory Growth”. We discussed some disruptive innovations that are changing the fabric of wealth management, and how some of Canada’s leading wealth management thought leaders propose to address them. This post will continue Read more […]

Disruptive Opportunities for Nimble Advisors

On June 24th, I had the privilege of participating in the inaugural Canadian S&P Dow Jones Indices ETF Masterclass conference on the topic “ETFs as a Catalyst for Canadian Advisory Growth”. While conversations orbited the general themes of ETFs and indexation, panelists and speakers touched on many topics Advisors are, or should be, thinking about Read more […]