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Apr 19, 2018

Standard Benchmarks Extend Standard of Living Through Retirement

What are the steps in selecting a retirement income option?  Of course cost is one of the considerations, but did you know ERISA does not require selecting the lowest cost investments?  These questions and more are explored in a recent video with Ian Kopelman (DLA Piper), and Tim Kohn (Dimensional Fund Advisors): What are some best…


Dec 22, 2017

Considering Tax Diversification Benefits of Roth Accounts May Be Timely

The S&P 500® was up 22.1% YTD as of Dec. 19, 2017 (including reinvested dividends), and international stocks were generally even more kind to USD investors (S&P Global Ex-U.S. BMI Gross Total Return [USD] was up 26.3% YTD). However, in most types of accounts we do not get to keep gross returns. Capital gains and…


Aug 10, 2017

Is There an Optimal Strategy for Withdrawing Funds From a 401(k) Savings Account?

Conventional wisdom tells us to maximize our contributions to a 401(k) account and to grow the balance as much as possible for retirement. However, we may not have considered the decumulation side of retirement income.  If one waits till reaching the age of 70 ½, when the 401(k) balance is larger, he/she may face a…


Jul 12, 2016

How Benchmark Selection Can Support a Retirement Plan’s IPS

Sponsors of 401(k) plans sometimes do not approach the selection of capital market benchmarks as if it has a significant role to play in the implementation of their investment policy statements (IPSs).  They may leave benchmark selection to investment managers, consultants, or service providers, but in so doing they may be missing an opportunity to…


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