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Matthew Forester

Chief Investment Officer , CFG Asset Management

Matt Forester is a 24-year veteran of global macroeconomic analysis and its application to investment strategy. As Chief Investment Officer of CFG Asset Management he oversees the S3 Portfolios, the firm’s family of 13 strategies covering a complete spectrum of investment objectives. He is senior portfolio manager for the ETF-based portfolios and is Co-Chair of the firm's Investment Committee. Matt is recognized in the industry as a pioneer in ETF portfolio strategies and is a frequent contributor at ETF-focused industry conferences. Under his leadership, CFGAM has doubled its managed assets each year since its founding. Prior to joining CFGAM he developed one of the nation’s first separately-managed accounts (SMAs) designed specifically for the unique advantages of ETFs.
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Oct 9, 2013

The Tactical Case for Bond Ladder ETFs

Bond Ladder ETFs are providing a unique solution for managing duration risk. These ETFs, now available for the municipal, corporate and high yield sectors, enable more precise control over duration risk than previous fixed income ETF offerings. Moreover, they have performance benefits relative to traditional fixed income index funds and ETFs if the rising rate…


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