Carlos Panksep

General Manager
Centre for Fiduciary Excellence

Carlos Panksep is General Manager of the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence. He is from QMI, a division of the Canadian Standards Association, where he was responsible for Corporate Operations, including registration, certification, continual improvement, information technology and international operations. Carlos brings to CEFEX the management skills required to run an independent third party registration program, similar in design to ISO 9001. This includes the assurance of audit quality control, audit consistency, customer satisfaction monitoring and information transparency.

Carlos also has over 20 years of high tech management experience. He held senior product management, sales and marketing positions at Bell Canada, Canada’s largest telecommunications company. He has also managed a very small high tech start-up during the dot-com boom.

Carlos has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Waterloo in Ontario Canada. He is active in sports, music, and photography. He lives in Toronto, is married and has 2 young boys.

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