Rieger Report: Municipal Bond ETFs – 10 Years of Growth

The first Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) tracking municipal bonds were launched in September 2007. Since then the municipal ETF market has grown to 40 ETFs representing over $30.5billion in assets under management.

Municipal Bond ETF Market Snap Shot:

  • 40 ETFs all but one represents tax-exempt municipal bonds. There is one ETF tracking taxable municipal bonds.
  • $30.5billion in ETF assets (4.4% of total ETF and mutual fund assets)
  • 8 ETFs have assets over $1billion
  • 16 ETFs have assets between $100million and $1billion
  • 16 ETFs have assets of less than $100million
  • 29 ETFs are passively managed (representing over 99% of assets)
  • 11 ETFs are actively managed (representing less than 1% of municipal ETF assets)

Chart 1: Municipal ETF and Mutual Fund Assets:

Chart 2: Number of Municipal ETFs and Accumulated Assets:

Chart 3: Active & Passive Municipal Bond ETFs:

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