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Rieger Report: Puerto Rico’s Weight on the Muni Market

Puerto Rico remains a puzzle unsolved.  The large amount of Puerto Rico debt continues to weigh on the municipal bond market with the heaviest exposure in the high yield (below investment grade) segment.  Puerto Rico municipal bonds have over 27.1% market value weight in the S&P Municipal Bond High Yield Index and represent over $26.7billion in market value of bonds in Read more […]

Rieger Report: Muni Bonds – the States Leading and Lagging 2016

The municipal bond market tracked by the S&P Municipal Bond Index has seen a 4.11% year-to-date return.  Investment grade municipal bonds tracked in the S&P National AMT-Free Municipal Bond Index have seen a 3.95% return. What states are leading the pack?  The answer includes some of the states that have been performance drags in the past.  Municipal Read more […]

Rieger Report: Muni G.O.’s or Revenue Bonds in 2016?

The debate over which sector of municipal bonds, general obligation bonds (G.O.’s) or revenue bonds can provide a better return is a constant one.  So far in 2016, the S&P Municipal Bond Revenue Index has outperformed verses the S&P Municipal Bond General Obligation Index. Peeling the onion back a bit may help provide more insights. In general, revenue Read more […]

Rieger Report: Bond Market Malformation, Trouble Ahead?

There is no doubt about it the bond markets are malformed due to quantitative easing (QE). The possibility of a Fed change of short term rates in June or July is on the minds of many. Are the investment grade municipal and corporate bond markets primed for a near term correction as a result? Only time Read more […]

Rieger Report: Puerto Rico munis see a bounce (last gasp?)

The rocky road that is the Puerto Rico municipal bond market continues.  Last week’s bi-partisan Puerto Rico Restructuring Bill also referred to as the ‘rescue bill’ has created a reason for the bond market to react positively.  There are ramifications to the ‘rescue bill’ however including potentially eroding bondholder (creditor) provisions for repayment.  Meanwhile, bondholders of the Puerto Read more […]

Rieger Report: Consumer Driven Economy? Uh Oh

The credit default swap (CDS) market is beginning to show spreads widening for consumer discretionary entities which is a bad signal for the economy.  Credit spreads between the consumer discretionary sector and high grade bonds have jumped wider in recent weeks to end last week at 84bps.  The bonds of these entities haven’t reacted too much as they closely match the Read more […]

Rieger Report: Oil State Municipal Bonds Doing Fine

The municipal bond market has been buffeted by pension shortfalls, Puerto Rico, Chicago, Detroit and other news worthy events.  Oil, however, is not yet one of the major forces impacting the municipal bond market.  In February 2016 oil dependent states and their municipal bonds were showing signs of weakening as the price of oil continued its plummet.  Read more […]

Rieger Report: Puerto Rico – Muni Bond Wealth Destroyer

There is gap between the par amount and market value of Puerto Rico municipal bonds that has now broached over $40billion.  While some of this can be accounted for as zero coupon debt, the fall in market value of the S&P Municipal Bond Puerto Rico Index is a startling reminder that credit and political risk can Read more […]

Rieger Report: Puerto Rico bonds fall after moves to suspend debt payments

The governor of Puerto Rico has moved forward with a bill to suspend debt payments while looking for Washington to help.  The muni market reacted dragging the General Obligation bonds down further.  The S&P Municipal Bond Puerto Rico General Obligation Index has dropped over 3% in April so far and over 5.8% year-to-date. Municipal high yields Read more […]

Rieger Report: Insured municipal bonds remain cheap

Okay, the mono-line insurance companies aren’t going to enjoy this note.  After all, yields of insured bonds should be lower than bonds that are un-insured.  Prior to the great recession approximately half of the municipal bonds outstanding were insured and during that time insured bonds were more in demand than un-insured bonds.  Beginning with the Read more […]