If you add “ology” to a word, you’ll create a new one that means a study or branch of knowledge.  Our blog, Indexology, does just that.  With knowledgeable industry contributors, this blog delivers more than fundamentals on how indices are conceived, constructed and used in the marketplace.  On this site, we will introduce you to insightful research and our newest innovations, and take a look at market, political and economic events through the lens of our index data.

Indexology features posts, reports, performance, and discussions from thought leaders across S&P DJI as well as guest posts from renowned, subject matter professionals. Indexology is a forum for expressing various views and thoughts on indexing.  The posts on this blog are opinions, not advice.  Participation and commentary from viewers and readers is certainly welcomed. 

One thought on “Indexology®

  1. Sarbelio Jaime

    Hello Indexology friends:
    Your website is awesome, I never though to find a webiste like yours, very easy to understand and specially with a wide knowledge over the indexes theme.
    I am a new stock trader and I am sure that your research and information will help me to understand much more the mistery and fascinating market´s world.
    Thank you for your effort and website.
    I will stay connected to indexology.

    Greetings from El Salvador.

    Sarbelio Jaime.-


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