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Comparing Apples to Apples: Suitability of Benchmarks

It can be interesting to try and explain the world of indices and benchmarks to people from non-financial backgrounds because, at times, it can pose a bit of a challenge.  For me, it is a revelation to find out that what I consider as generic information and common knowledge is not quite as simple for Read more […]

Indian Bond Market: Government Bonds Lead

The Reserve Bank of India recently surprised the market by reducing the repo rate by 25 bps in January 2015, and market experts are expecting further reduction.  While the equity markets were in euphoria, with the S&P BSE SENSEX returning 6.15% in January 2015, the bond market told a different story. The Indian bond market Read more […]

A Comparison in Market Performance for First Six Months of Modi in 2014 versus First Six Months of Manmohan in 2009

As of Nov. 26, 2014, Modi “Sarkar” (Modi’s government) has completed six months of leading the central government.  Since Mr. Modi assumed office, there have been high expectations from the corporate community, not just in India, but across the world.  This is represented by the barometer of the market in India: the S&P BSE SENSEX. Read more […]

Gold: Its History and Recent Trends

During festivals such as Diwali, the demand for gold in India increases because it is considered auspicious.  Traditionally, people invested in physical gold bars, coins and jewelry.  However, after the introduction of the gold ETF, the option to invest in gold also became popular.  There was a huge growth in the assets under management for Read more […]

A Quick Look at SPIVA India

The SPIVA India Scorecard reports on the performance of actively managed Indian mutual funds versus that of their benchmarks, showing equal-weighted peer averages.  The mid-year 2014 scorecard, the latest SPIVA India report, has revealed that while active funds may be able to outperform their benchmarks in the short term, it becomes more likely for active Read more […]

An Overview of India’s Market Today: Looking at S&P BSE Indices

The stock markets in India have performed phenomenally in the recent months.  The S&P BSE SENSEX (India’s most tracked bellwether index) has been scaling heights never seen before.  The one-year, risk-adjusted return of the index was approximately 3.53 as of August 29, 2014.  With 30 stocks, the index is well diversified across sectors.  It will Read more […]

FII Net Flow – Tell it to Sweeney!

The Indian Stock Market has continued to be volatile recently. The Lok Sabha election and the formation of the new Indian government boosted the stock market to an all-time high. The S&P BSE SENSEX Price Return Index surged and went beyond the threshold of 25,000 points. FII activity also increased with the positive sentiment and outlook of the Read more […]

Sector Investing: Another Approach

As markets are becoming more advanced and mature, investment strategies are incorporating different styles and methods to achieve desired returns.  There are growth and value styles, fundamentally driven strategies, tactical allocation strategies, sector-based strategies and the list goes on. We never know when a trend toward a certain style or strategy may take off and Read more […]

Is Small The New Big?

The recent launch of our S&P Dow Jones Indices India Index Dashboard brought to my notice the S&P BSE Small Cap Index. While the month’s report card was mostly green for the Indian indices due to the optimism in the Indian stock markets, the S&P BSE Small Cap Index did shine through. The S&P BSE Small Read more […]

Focus on long term planning

Many political analysts wrote about coalition politics in India with a deep rooted perception that it is here to stay forever. A stable central government with a single party majority is now a reality!! This has rightly been referred to as the beginning of a new era for India with a significant shift from complicated Read more […]