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Does the Outperformance of UDIBonos to MBonos Have Legs?

Since the U.S. presidential election on Nov. 8, 2016, the S&P/BMV Sovereign UDIBONOS Bond Index, which seeks to track inflation-protected Mexican government bonds, outperformed its nominal counterpart, the S&P/BMV Sovereign MBONOS Bond Index (see Exhibit 1).  What was the driver behind this outperformance, and can we expect it to persist? Exhibit 1: S&P Mexico Sovereign Read more […]

How the Brexit Affected Rates and Currencies in LatAm

After Brexit polls said that the referendum would end with a stay in the European Union (EU), all markets reacted as if that would be the outcome on voting day.  After the announcement that the U.K. would no longer be part of the EU, all markets were shocked, and the emerging markets of Latin America Read more […]

The Sun is Shining, Even on Fixed Income Indices in Mexico

When analyzing Mexican fixed income indices during the summer (June 20 to September 20), we have seen trends over the past 15 years. We know that through the years, economic and momentum factors are not the same, and what happened in Mexico last year can’t be compared with what happened 10 years ago.  Instead, let’s Read more […]

What Is Driving the Mexican Peso?

A few weeks ago, Dennis Badlyans wrote about Mexico’s Fixed Income Markets and made a performance comparison of the different currencies of emerging markets, which illustrated how the Mexican peso has been the worst performer among its peers in 2016.  The question is, what is driving the depreciation of the currency? The answer in the Read more […]

Active Versus Passive Funds in Latin America

The S&P Indices Versus Active (SPIVA®) Latin America Scorecard is a semi-annual report that compares the performance of active mutual funds in Latin America against passive benchmarks.  The SPIVA Latin America Year-End 2015 Scorecard covers the equity and fixed income markets in Brazil, as well as the equity markets in Chile and Mexico. In 2015, Read more […]

Mexican Government Issues Two More International Bonds

In spite of the complex and volatile global markets, the Mexican government issued bonds in the international market for the second time this year.  In January 2016, it issued USD 2.25 billion in bonds with a coupon of 4.125%, and on Feb. 16, 2016, it issued two other types of bonds denominated in euros, totaling Read more […]

Mexico Fixed Income Markets: Foreign Investors Repositioning in Linkers

In January, foreign investors rotated positions back into UDIBonos, adding about 1.2% market share—a significant allocation to this investor base. Flows into government bonds as a whole remain muted—in net, foreign investors withdrew about MXN 9 billion over the same period. (CETES: decreased MXN 32 billion; MBonos: increased MXN 7 billion). January inflation surprised analysts Read more […]

What About the Debt of PEMEX?

Since 1938, the state has been doing all the work. PEMEX was the only company managing the exploration, exploitation, and commercialization of oil but with the energy reform, things will change. PEMEX is the biggest company in Mexico, with sales over USD 123 billion and total assets over USD 156 billion as of 2013. Mexico Read more […]

Introducing the S&P Dow Jones Indices Versus Active (SPIVA®) Latin America Scorecard

S&P Dow Jones Indices is proud to expand the SPIVA Scorecard report to the Latin America region.  The SPIVA methodology is designed to provide an accurate and objective apples-to-apples comparison of active funds’ performance versus their appropriate style benchmark indices.  The SPIVA Latin America Scorecard covers the Brazilian, Chilean, and Mexican markets.  A summary of Read more […]

Outside Influencers Have Been Driving Bond Markets

Having announced that the European Central Bank will stimulate its economy though additional purchases, bonds had seen demand recently. Now all eyes are on the U.S. employment data. The markets were quiet going into the release of the employment number as investors waited with some anticipation for direction. Activity did pick up as the U.S. Read more […]